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  Exhibition October 2020

    The exhibition scheduled for 2020 has been POSTPONED until the SPRING 2021


Exhibition Timetable

The dates for 2021 are: 
Closing date for Entries is to be decided
This date will also be the last opportunity for any changes to entries in the catalogue
Handing In of exhibits ie yet to be decided (between 10am and 1pm)
Private View on a Sunday (artists and guests) will be between 4pm and 6pm on a date to be decided..
Public Exhibition timings to be decided.


At last years exhibition we noted renewed interest in art from the public and our sales were once again robust. Full details of the weeks activities were published in a Newsletter in December 2018 on this website. A copy may be viewed on the Newsletter Page.

The dates and times for the exhibition in 2021 have yet to be determined. 


Schools Prize Competition

Lingfield Art Association Exhibition award prizes to the three best paintings selected by teachers from local schools.  In 2019 we once again invited three schools to enter up to three student works each and the details are shown below.

The 2019 contributors were judged by the Exhibition Team and the three winners announced at the Private View on Sunday afternoon. 

The Prize money is:-     1st prize £100,  2nd Prize £50 and  3rd Prize £25. 

Each winner will also receive a certificate.  The winning paintings will be displayed during the exhibition week.

The 2019 Prize Winners are:

 1st Leah - Illusions     2nd Sofia - Brother     Joint 3rd   Jamaine - Expressive Portrait    &   Effie - Face

We have since had two letters from the contestants:

Dear Lingfield Art

I was a contestant in the Lingfield Art Exhibition from Imberhorne school; I painted my brother.
I just wanted to say thank you so much from Imberhorne school for allowing us the opportunity to enter and leave with such amazing prizes! I am so proud with my place of second and am very grateful for the whole experience. It truly amplified my love for art and has left me very much inspired to paint.   Many thanks from Imberhorne school,   Sofia


Dear Lingfield Art

Thank you so much for inviting us to enter the Lingfield Art Exhibition, I was delighted to receive first prize, especially such a generous cash prize. I am currently starting a new painting using the same mixed media, which I feel has been successful. After my A-levels I am considering following an art career.     Many thanks again and kind regards,     Leah



The 2018 Prize Winners were:

         1st. Ellie - Mathilde     2nd. Tommy - The Lake District   3rd. Ravenna - North Downs


The 2017 Prize Winners were:

             1st. Amy - City of Lights            2nd. Joanna - Ella    3rd. Justine - Covent Garden 






Thank you to the Public

The public, on whom we rely so much, continued to enjoy the event and we regularly have nearly a 100 people a day through the door to the exhibition. There is No Charge for entrance so why not come and enjoy the event and perhaps have a cup of tea and some cake to sustain you.       The Exhibition Team wish to thank all of those people who contribute to our events together with our sponsers and advertisers and look forward to their continuing support in October 2019.

Artists Mailing List
Every year we attract more artists to enter the event.  If you are interested in exhibiting work in our exhibition in 2019 and/or would like to be put on the mailing list for future events, please read our Terms & Conditions for entry and then send us your full name, address, post code, telephone number and email by using the  Contact Lingfield Art page.
Nearly 100 people a day visited our exhibition in 2018 which was a resounding success.  This is a great merketing opportunity so if you would like to sponsor the 2019 Exhibition and/or take space in our Exhibition Catalogue, please send us your details by using the  Contact Lingfield Art page.
Privacy Policy
In recording these events we reserve the right to take photographs. However, we seek permissions where possible and appropriate and in the case of young people from Teachers, Staff and Parents and otherwise assume that people in general scenes who are photographed agree to the publication of the picture unless they notify us to the contrary.
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