Lingfield Art Exhibition – Terms & Conditions of Entry

Eligibility & Acceptance

Paintings, sculpture, pottery, glass and ceramic exhibits must be produced by living individuals not organisations. Exhibitors must be over 16 years of age. The Exhibition Team’s decision will be final regarding the acceptance of exhibits. Where exhibits are not accepted, the Entry Fee will be refunded.


The exhibits submitted must demonstrate that the artist has created the work and that it is of a saleable quality.


The exhibition displays only artwork where the medium has been applied by hand. Therefore we will accept limited edition numbered work such as lino cuts, wood cuts, etchings and collographs.

Application to Exhibit

Application Forms will be accepted on a first come first served basis, provided that space is available and that entries are received before the closing date shown on the Exhibition Timetable. Artists are subject to the observance of these Terms & Conditions.

Number of Exhibits

Each individual may enter up to four exhibits. The number is limited because of space constraints at the venue. Smaller works may be submitted as ‘sets’ where they are sold together with one sale price.

Not for Sale

Work may be submitted that is not for sale (NFS). The Hanging (Entry) Fee is shown on the application form. These exhibits will be marked with a Green Dot and NFS in the catalogue.

Hanging Fee & Commission

The Hanging Fees (Entry Fees) are shown on the Application Form and these apply to all exhibits. There is a 10% commission charge on all exhibit sales. Hanging Fees are non refundable.


When we have received your Application Form you will receive a receipt (or rejection if we are oversubscribed).  Each exhibit you are entering must have the label provided fixed with masking tape to the top and back of the painting or on the base of the sculpture marked with the details shown. Entries not so labelled will be rejected.


All paintings frames must be fitted with ‘D’ rings (to minimise damage to other paintings when stacked) They must be positioned 1/3rd down from the top edge and strung for hanging. Unframed canvases and box canvases will be accepted provided they are strung for hanging in the same way. Paintings not so strung and clip frames will not be accepted.   

Frame Size

We regret that miniatures (less than 12cm square) cannot be accepted as we do not have display space.   We have requested that you advise the metric size of each of your entries to help us to prepare for the hanging process.

Sculpture & Plinths

(indoor only)

All sculpture over 10cm high (8 inches) must be provided with a plinth or stand. Smaller items will be displayed in a glass cabinet.  It is the responsibility of the sculptor to ensure that the item is securely and safely anchored to plinths.  Whilst we cannot display pieces outside we may be able to display one or two large pieces indoors. Please advise if your entry is freestanding or larger than 60cm ( 2 ft) high. It will be assumed that plinths are not for sale unless indicated otherwise.

Sculpture Edition

Please indicate on the Application Form if ‘Unique’ or an edition (e.g. 2 of 20)

Artists Greetings Cards

Exhibiting Artists may display artists greetings cards for sale, which depict your work. We have space for 25 artists and therefore have to restrict the number of styles to four (one size for each) & the ten cards must be supplied of each style. There cannot be offers for multiple cards (i.e. five for the price of four). ALL cards must have your name & the price in multiples of 50p marked on the back. Cards incorrectly marked will not be accepted. Applications to display will be dealt with on a first come first accepted basis. There is a 10% commission charge on all card sales.

Exhibit Delivery (Handing In)

Entries (and Artists Cards if applicable) must be delivered to the venue on the Handing In day at the times shown on the Exhibition Timetable.


It is the Hanging Teams decision as to where any work should be hung in order to enhance the public’s visual appreciation.


Artists may indicate that they can undertake commissions and this will be shown in the catalogue.


Insurance for the exhibits submitted must be provided by the artist. Neither Lingfield Art Association, nor the venue, will be responsible for damage or loss to any exhibit. Stewards and other volunteers helping with the event will be insured by Lingfield Art Association.

Stewarding Priority for Entry

The exhibition cannot run without stewards.   We will give priority to applicants who offer to steward for at least one two hour period during the week. Please spend more time if you can. Stewarding helps to keep the exhibits safe and the public like to meet the artists who exhibit.

Private View

If you are able to exhibit, submit the Application Form and are accepted, we will send you an invitation to the Private View for you and your guest.


Where artists wish to donate the proceeds of any sale to their chosen charity, this should be done privately. They should complete the Application Form in the normal way under their own name and submit their application within these Terms & Conditions of Entry.


No photography is permitted at the exhibition but the Exhibition Team reserve the right to take photographs to publicise future Exhibitions.

Data Protection

Lingfield Art Association take the safeguarding of contact information provided by exhibitors very seriously. We comply with the new Data Protection Legislation and our data protection policy can be viewed on the website.

Exhibit Collection (Handing Back)

Exhibits may not be removed during the exhibition without the agreement of the Exhibition Team. All work not sold must be collected on the last day of the Exhibition shown on the Timetable.   Lingfield Art Association will not be responsible for any work left at the venue after that time.

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Updated 3.8.20