Exhibition 2021


The exhibition for 2021 is now over. Details of the next exhibition will appear here when planning is complete.


Thank you to the public

The public, on whom we rely so much, continue to enjoy the event and we regularly have nearly 100 people each day through the door to view the exhibition.    The Exhibition Team wish to thank all of those people who contribute to our events together with our sponsers and advertisers and look forward to their continuing support in 2022. 

Payment for purchases

 In line with current trends to avoid handling cash, we introduced a system of card payment for purchases at the exhibition. The majority of purchases for exhibits and cards were made using contactless or chip and pin cards

 Display of paintings

We trialed a new system for hanging paintings this year, which was intended to simplify the hanging process and look more modern.  The system is quite expensive, so we would appreciate comments  on whether it is an improvement - comment through our contact form.

Privacy Policy

In recording these events we have taken photographs. We seek permissions where possible and appropriate and in the case of young people from Teachers, Staff and Parents. If people in general scenes who are photographed object to the publication of a picture including them, they should notify us whilst we are taking the photographs.

Artists Mailing List

Every year we attract more artists to enter the event.  If you are interested in exhibiting work in our exhibition in 2022 and/or would like to be put on the mailing list for future events, please let us know through the Contact Lingfield Art page.
Updated 04.11.21